I am Benjamin Skolnick

Husband, Father, Brother, Son, Software Architect

About me

I am a full stack .Net developer / software architect / technology consultant. I run a small technology company (itech northwest llc) that provides SaaS solutions to a diverse clientèle. I specialize in ground up concept to production software creation focusing on rapid development with iterative build cycles to maximize stakeholder engagement and reduce idle waste.

My experience

Director / Software Architect @ iTech Northwest

July, 2013 - Present (5 years)

Bought out iTech Northwest LLC technology CUSO in 2013, moved the software into the Azure cloud and expanded the consulting and custom development work.

Senior .Net Developer @ CUTEK

July 2014 - November 2017 (3 year, 5 Month)

Did a technology cosultation / code review with them and was hired on to bring their .Net technology offerings up to standards as well as expand their software catalog. While I was there I created their Envoy application suite, (Membership and Loan Application processes), modernized their technology stack, centralized their code with source control, built an application framework to rapidly create new products, moved what I could into azure, trained up several junior developers, and many other tasks as needed.

Programmer / Analyst @ NWCU

February 2006 - July 2014 (8 years, 6 Month)

Programmer / Analyst was my Credit Union title but I was hired to develop and maintain software for their technology CUSO iTech Northwest LLC. While working there I acquired the skills I would later employ to evolve into a full stack developer and software architect. In 2013 they decided to close their technology CUSO and start a new financial services CUSO and at that time I took the opportunity to buy out the software stable and company assets.

Development Skills


ASP .Net Core

Java Script (JQuery, Knockout)

JSON Web Services & Web Api

Bootstrap & Material Design


Webpack & NPM & TypeScript

Angular & Node.js

Azure & Azure SQL

Creative process

Software development is more like art than engineering. While knowing the tools of the trade is important without vision you can end up in a loop that takes you nowhere. Programming can be broken down to an abstract concept. If you can devise a solution to a problem the languages or tools you use to implement it are mere afterthoughts.

The most important step. Digging into what the real problem is and devising a path that leads to the solution. Often people do not really know what they need, only what they think they want. Taking the time to research the problem can often lead to revelations about the cause of the problem in the first place. If you know the cause the real solution would be to fix that instead of putting a band-aid over the symptom.

Design has more than one meaning. First is how to structure a project to utilize the resources at hand most efficiently. Determining the strengths and weaknesses of the team working on a project can allow you to make better allocations when dividing the tasks. Selecting the appropriate tools for the job can be just as important. If the solution is a simple static page you should not be spending resources putting a fully scalable architecture in place to serve a static page.

The second is UI. Even the most intelligent application can fail if you do not consider the end user experience. Knowing my strengths and weaknesses I am not afraid to admit I can whip together a usable application in no time but to really make it shine I need help. That is why I partner with Cardwell Creative to enhance my user engagement when I need more than a basic template.

Once the pieces are in place then it is time to paint the picture. Breaking the project up in to smaller components allows teams to work independently but also complimentary. A robust web service api schema can allow for mock data to be used in place so no team needs wait for one side or the other to do their part before they can begin. Also having achievable milestones makes it easier to reassure the stakeholders of the progress being made as you can easily walk them through each step as it concludes. The added benefit comes with the early detection of incorrect assumptions before they have had a chance to embed themselves too deep.

You will never feel truly satisfied by work until you are satisfied by life.

~ Heather Schuck, The Working Mom Manifesto

My projects

more coming soon...

TOKLAT Application

I was brought into this project after the initial design phase was over but they lost their developer and needed someone to come in and complete their vision. I quickly got up to speed and realized they hadn't even specked out a database structure that would be necessary to manage the 1000's of products they would be selling so I approached it as if this was a new project and began by gathering the requirements from the stakeholders to see exactly where we were at and what was left. I was able to meet and exceed their needs and continue to add value to this site with enhancement requests.

Oregon Fruit Application

I worked with the designers to rewrite the shopping portal using updated web technologies. I built it as a Single Page Application style using Knockout.js and powered by c# web api on the server. I built the api, web components, and restructured the database to accept multiple types of products and there is also an admin interface that is protected to allow the clients to update and manage all of the dynamic information themselves.

Myself Website

I know it is a bit recursive but you should never forget to be your own client once in a while. I put this site together in less than two days using Let's Encrypt for the SSL, Azure for the hosting, Material Design Bootstrap for the UI, Knockout.js & JQuery for the client model, .Net Core Web Api for the business layer, pexels for a couple stock photos and my wife for the editorial services.

CUTEK Consulting

Ongoing consulting and software development training. Helping them maintain and expand the capabilities of their .Net software library so they can maintain first class service to their customers. A great team to work with for solutions in the Symitar world.

Cardwell Partnership

Cardwell Creative is my go-to team for advanced UI experience, marketing and branding. We have worked together for years on many projects and can seamlessly integrate our efforts to build a truly dynamic end user experience.

JBF Friend

Giant Symitar nerd but one of my best friends for almost 20 years. When he comes and asks me for a proof of concept for his next hair-brained idea I can never say no. One of these days it will pay off I just know it!!! Currently working on a POC for Symitar MicroApps.

Contact me

If you think I can help with a project or if you need to get in touch feel free to contact me.
(Do not contact me for sales or marketing solicitation.)

  • Eugene, OR 97404, USA

  • 541 510 4PBS

  • benskolnickgmailcom

  • Want help creating an exemplary application?

  • Just send me a message!